Bowlstream.NET V2

A KTA/EBF and Center Pilot Project for Streaming of Bowling


If you have any questions about the live streaming, equipment, backend or similar.

Then do not hesitate to contact me.

Kim Andersen, KTA ApS,

I am, together with the support of EBF, working on making live streaming more simple for bowling centers, athletes and organizers by providing cameras and setup, which is plug and play, as KTA will be dealing with the streaming backend and platform.

Making it more scalable for everyone and all have one entrance to streaming in high quality.

You can make an agreement where you rent the cameras and pay per month for the cameras as well as the server capacity and use behind. There is also the option to buy the cameras and then only pay for the servers and use of this. And of course also the 3rd option where you just buy the cameras and make everything your selves regarding backend etc. Regardless of the choice of solution, I can assure you the price and flexibility is fair and even.

No matter what I will support you the best that is possible and help you make bowling more available for the public.

The cameras chosen to the solution is IP Based, PTZ Controlled with 18xOptic Zoom and Full-HD quality and the backend server part is all based on Wowza Media System software and their scalable cloud.